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What is Technical review in software testing?

From a time and cost perspective, dynamic testing is often more expensive than static testing. Informal reviews are applied in the early stages of the life cycle of the document. In this chapter we are going to discuss about the static testing technique i.e Informal review, Walkthrough, Inspection, Technical Reviews. It is very clear from […]

7 Stages of SDLC 7 Phases of SDLC Software Development Life Cycle

Content ‍Harness® Acquires Propelo, Bringing Actionable Engineering Insights to Award-Winning Software Delivery Platform Training for a Team How Does Kellton Transform Software Development Experience? Experience Engineering, Product & Design Why is SDLC Important? What is the software development life cycle? It can either be a physical site where files are kept and retrieved in a room […]

What is Quality Control? Quality control definition Quality control meaning

This inspection might be done by the factory’s quality control staff, a buyer, or a third-party organization. Every member of a life sciences organization is responsible for QA activities by following SOPs. While the quality management system is generally the responsibility of the quality unit and the leadership team, QA activities involve standards for training, […]

How Can I Have False Positive or False Negative STI Test Results?

The level of significance that is used to test each hypothesis is set based on the form of inference (simultaneous inference vs. selective inference) and its supporting criteria , that were pre-determined by the researcher. Tests are code and subject to code review by colleagues since no one can assure that code is bug-free. When […]

Alpha vs beta testing: how do they compare?

Content What is alpha testing? Definition and process with examples Advantages of Alpha Testing: What is alpha testing in software testing? Entry and Exit Criteria of Alpha testing What is an Alpha Test? Real Time Web Testing The Five W’s of Alpha Testing Alpha testing is in the labs where we provide a specific and […]