Roller Coaster Proposal

Here Is The Craziest Marriage Proposal Of. Really. Time.

It’s hard to understand what Austin Crecelius was thinking when he proposed to his sweetheart Allie on a moving roller coaster. „You should not decrease the ring,“ would have to end up being on top of the list.

„i really hope my friends are getting this on video clip,“ would-be a detailed second.

Evidently, at some stage in their unique crazy connection, Allie informed Austin that life ended up being like a roller coaster, using its pros and cons. The guy latched onto this notion, foregoing an elegant restaurant or walk on the coastline for „The Voyage“ at vacation globe.

Take a look at the video clip below. As Austin introduces into their spiel and so they start to ascend, Allie begins having to pay even more focus on the girl boyfriend compared to the upcoming drop. He is in Speech form, not his normal talking voice. She will inform something is up.

„existence has its highs and lows, twists and changes,“ claims Austin, „also it merely tosses you for a loop often.“

„But it’s a lot more fun with a pal,“ the guy continues. Once the guy reaches „thus I desired to ask you…“ Allie is overcome with emotion.

As well overcome to react a lot toward terrifying ancestry that follows. But by the time they achieve bottom, she actually is cheerful.

In addition to causeing this to be hand gesture — like, „guy, what the hell had been that?“

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Good on Austin for combining one butterflies-in-the-stomach occasion with another for a proposal their wife will never forget about. And good luck towards brand-new few. Discover wishing that, whatever the downs and ups on their future ride with each other, it really is filled up with thrills.

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